viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

A little bit about me...

I am a woman who loves life. I adore reading, writing and learning about anything related to human nature and evolutionary leadership. I got married when I was very young - 17 - had my wonderful son and daughter, and, to make a long story short, god divorced when I was still very young: 25. At that time, my kids were 6 and 2 years old, I suddenly found myself alone - my ex husband literally disappeared from scene - broke and jobless. Back then I really had no time to get depressed though; I found myself too busy figuring out how to feed by kids, find a place to live, raise them and move on with our lives. My parents were living far away and the rest of the family did not seem to be ready to offer a hand. There were times I just wanted to stop living, but my kids were my beacons, the forces I needed to trust that everything would be all right…

So right after divorce, one morning I took my kids by the hand and went to the local center where all retailers block together and offered myself to make things like: organizing stock and exhibited goods, re-arranging displays, wrapping up gift packages (Christmas time was near), etc. I got my first client that very day and my kids and I lived under tons of paper and ribbons and bottles and boxes for many months to eldest son still remembers the joy of helping me with every order. Those were - without being conscious about it - my first steps towards Excellence Customer Service. I will not bother you more with my story, I know there are plenty of people who have gone through great pain and have learnt to take the best out of them rather than the worst, to survive. But to summarize my experience, I started working for an international Bank a couple of years later - my first formal job - and from then on, I started my career in Sales and Customer Service. Have been working for the corporate arena of luxury brands for more than 25 years. Two of my best clients throughout the years told me once: "Mónica, you should work on your own, and help companies and salespeople work like you, because you are an Excellence Expert" I said to myself at that time: "Wow!! These guys are crazy...too important a title for me" - But you know what...I am an Excellence Expert...I have always been. Because I have lived choosing Excellence every time, no matter what, in my personal and working life. I made little, medium size and huge mistakes but learnt hot to take responsibility for them and say “I am sorry” when necessary.
This is just only part of my life, because God has shown me so many miracles along my journey…One of them, probably the most outstanding and challenging one was to survive a car accident with my family back in 1994. That was a true miracle and I know, deep inside of me, that God´s army of angels descended upon the highway where the accident took place and gracefully allowed us to survive, get minimum injures, get recovered in a relatively short period of time and move on with our lives... God granted us a second chance to enjoy life, to do whatever it takes to craft the best version of Ourselves while experiencing our enormous blessings. Now time has come for me to gladly accept the title my clients so kindly gave me years ago, and plan to do business teaching about Excellence Customer Service strategies around the World while helping people understand the value of their precious, unbelievable and glorious life...

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  2. I know that throughout all of the pain, the hard work, and the sad feeling of beeing alone, these things made you who you are today: The strongest and bravest person I've ever met.
    I'm really proud of you, everyday.

  3. Thank you so much Kere! I really appreciate your comment.Warmly,